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Quantum Resonance Stimulating Therapy. A magnetic Resonance based Therapy helps in the transfer of energy directly at the cellular level of various tissues to stimulate regenerative processes through an external electromagnetic field with special energizing frequencies. The increased efficiency of stimulating to increase regenerative activity at the cellular level is the future of treatments, painless, non invasive, without side effects or medication.


Vibe A Cure generates very special mechanical stimulation that is adapted to the indication to be treated. The therapy uses three-dimensional impulses that the central nervous system can neither predict nor learn. This stimulation is transmitted to the body thereby strengthening causing reactions in the individual's body to restore the damaged function. The therapy “surprises” the brain at millisecond intervals and the brain passes this information on to both damaged and healthy structures in the form of a training systematic effect. The technology stems from Stochastic resonance therapy or Random resonance therapy. It is effective to help repair Neurological, Orthopedic, & a wide spectrum of disorders naturally without side effects, without pain or medication.


We offer high tech driven regenerative & lifestyle based devices aimed at Improving the quality of life & lifestyle, through innovation of material science, engineering technology & manufacturing in India


The mission of the QR Life Sciences is to be an innovative manufacturer of regenerative technology & life technology devices. Our objective is to reach the entire nation & the world with our therapeutic & living technology products. Affordability of high technology being the key to growth.

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QR Life Sciences LLP started its R&D activities of medical devices in the year 2020, and from the year 2022 has started production of its Orthopaedic Regenerative devices, a unique alternative therapy based on Magnetic resonance. Our R & D is focused on alternative medical treatments as well as lifestyle & living quality improvement products & technologies which we aim to bring to the market, Air quality management systems, other home life improvement technologies & health monitoring systems.

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